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Suttle & King believes that the correct way to grow comes internally. We also believe determining individuals growth by seniority only slows a company down. That is why we encourage our team to focus on their work ethic and their student mentality. We specialize in developing business people into strong leaders, by not only teaching them the skills necessary for customer acquisition and retention, but also skills such as public speaking and training others. By always promoting growth for our team allows endless growth for our clients into different markets nationally.

Some Reasons To Work Together
01.We believe in creativity

We don’t multi-task.  We do one thing and we do it well.  We train our staff so that our Fortune 500 clients get the results they expect.  It’s our specialty and we are very effective.

02.We believe in quality

Telemarketing is so 1980’s and direct mailing goes straight to the trash.  That commercial you paid for, do you know how many customers you acquired?

03.We believe in abilities

By using leads, our abundance of resources, and our proven methods, we are able to get your brand out and get it out fast.  We work face to face to give you an edge.

04.We believe in relation

Connecting with someone on a personal level helps retain customers and we all want to keep our customers.

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Our main goal is obtaining quality customers and retention of current customers. By being the face of their product and meeting directly with their clientele, Suttle & King focuses on working with great integrity and communication. The importance of building trust and relationships with our customers is what allows us to continually hit our clients’ targets and expectations with quality sales and customer service. In doing so, Suttle & King has grown to being one of the premier outsourced marketing firms in the country; allowing us to expand into any new market that our clients desire to grow in.
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