At Suttle & King we strive for excellence and to give our clients results. We know that can only be achieved one way and that is by representing them with a great team. This is why we look for one of two kinds of individuals.

1.  A motivated individual looking for experience to build their resume. We have a fun, but an intense environment, which allows individuals to grow professionally very quickly. By teaching them leadership and coaching skills allows them to get a jump start for their dream job.

2.   An individual with an entrepreneurial mindset and wants a career in coaching and leadership. By gaining the skills taught at Suttle & King these individuals are able to grow within our business quickly and fill the needs of our clients in regards to expansion to new markets.

What We Do

We are a national business consulting firm hiring for our Client Account Executive position.  This is a sales and marketing position.  We manage the small to medium business sector in the surrounding area.  We attract and acquire new customers for them.

We provide all necessary training for someone to grow and develop in their role.

What We Look For
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Customer service experience
  • Organization skills
  • Leadership ability

We understand the importance of training and it is a huge part of our culture.  We know that every individual learns differently and we accommodate to that.  We have several resources and ways to get you the knowledge you need to ensure success.

Classroom training

We offer in house, classroom training to show visuals, demonstrate product and service use, and ask interactive questions.

Online training

Our client gives us all the resources to have online training with practice material.  Sometimes, we just need to see it for ourselves!

Hands-on training

You want to learn first hand?  We offer on the spot field training.  Get your hands dirty, make mistakes, learn, and do it yourself!

Coaching & Mentoring

Our senior staff offers a mentorship program.  When starting, each member gets assigned to a mentor to maintain continued development throughout their career.

Financial Planning & Budgeting

We want you to learn the ins and outs of our business.  We start with break evens, learn how to maintain your finances, and budgeting.  Have fun, make money!

Steven Covey Planning

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

We are planners.  Some by nature, some not.  But that is okay!  We will give you the necessary tools to plan your time to be most effective and get the most out of your time, because we all know time is a valuable thing!

Management Program

Suttle & King is hiring.  Do you have what it takes?


We offer summer and winter internships.  Our program lasts 10-12 weeks depending on class schedule.  We offer internships in Human Resources and Marketing.  Throughout the weekly program, different tasks are assigned in addition to mastering the sales and marketing aspects.  We are sure to offer what is needed to complete your credits for school, all while giving you valuable life lessons, that will translate into a career for years to come.

Account Executive  

At the Entry-Level, Suttle & King is looking for a few things.  One, we want to know that you are dependable, reliable, and ready to learn.  The beginning stages of any career take a bit of getting used to so we offer a mentor to help you along the way.  At the Entry-Level, representatives are responsible for themselves, meeting targets, and gaining valuable information in order to develop a customer base in a specific market.

Lead Account Executive 

In this position, Suttle & King gives increased responsibility.  A person becomes part of our leadership team where we begin develop and coach a small team.  While still maintaining and acquiring customers, one is also learning the interview process, finances, training, and much more.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers at Suttle & King are preparing to oversee a market.  Working closely with management, clients, and client brokers, the Assistant Manager begins taking an active role in the decision making, interview process, scheduling, and payroll.  Travel becomes more frequent in order to learn from our other locations.  A stronger client relationship is built.

Branch Manager

While overseeing an entire market for a client, Managers are responsible for the day to day operations of the firm.  This includes overseeing twenty or more staff members, coaching, mentoring, conferences, finances, and more.

Open Positions: Account Executive

If the qualifications are met, the HR team will reach out soon.