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Our Team

Our team is no doubt, the reason behind our tremendous results. We have a diverse and creative staff always able to find solutions!

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Our team is award winning!  We are consistently at the top of the charts for our client and that is due to the high performance of our team.  Individually, they are all unique and have so much to bring to the table.  As a team, we dominate the market!

We have Junior and Senior team members that all contribute to the success of the organization.  Let us brag for a moment.  We know that our team is the reason that we are so successful, so of course we want you to meet them.  See who will be working for you, as we are the face of your brand.

Meet The Team


School:  Federal University of Alagoas and majored in Public Relations.
Born and raised in Brazil.
Must read book:  ‘How to Make Friends and Influence People’
Motto: ‘Everything that happens in your life is a consequence of your choices’
Fun fact:  Came to New York in an exchange program and never looked back!
3 things she never leaves the house without: 1. Phone 2. Wallet 3. Makeup
Favorite thing about Suttle and King: The environment, it’s good to have a family at work.


School: Rutgers University
Degree:  Bachelors of Science Environmental and Business Economics
Must Read Book:  The Catcher in the Rye
Motto: “Live everyday as if it was your last!:
Fun fact: I officiated ice hockey semi professionally
3 things never to leave home without: Wallet, keys and cell phone
Favorite thing about Suttle and King:  The fact that we have the opportunity to teach, train, and develop people on a daily basis.

Our Culture

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